Freertos support for dspic33ev family

desireddy wrote on Tuesday, November 22, 2016:

I am using dspic33ev256gm106 microchip. But the freertos is not supporting it. I have seen in forums where it is said it is supported. I am not very clear it is supported or not? Can you please suggest if it is supported or not? Do i need to write on my own. Please help.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, November 22, 2016:

The standard dsPIC is supported, the dsPICe is not officially
supported - but you will find third party code targeting that part in
the FreeRTOS Interactive site (

The ‘e’ parts have a register that cannot be accessed from software, so
cannot be saved as part of the task context. If you avoid using that
register, then you should not have a problem. If you do use that
register, then there is the risk of one task corrupting the context of
the other. I don’t think the register in question will get used by a C
program, but it might get used by optimised math libraries written in

eaoiyrioeaf wrote on Monday, January 09, 2017:

I’m so happy to see there is a guy using the same chip as I’m. now I have drived all the peripheral (CAN, UART, IC, OC, I2C,ADC etc.), my project works well without a kernel.
Now I’m pareparing to transfer my code to FreeRTOS, maybe we can share eachother some experience.