freeRTOS Stuck in the first thread

akashmeras wrote on Saturday, May 04, 2019:


I am new to RTOS I have seen some tutorial video and created a simple project using freeRTOS. In my project, I have created the two task in which only one task is running which is created first and the second task is not running. If I interchange the task also only the first task is running could some help me to solve the issue?

I am using STM32F429IGT development board and Keil IDE.below I have attached my C file

thanks in advance

rtel wrote on Monday, May 13, 2019:

Sorry - missed your post until now.

Both your tasks look fine, and both are calling vTaskDelay() so should
yield to another task. When you say the code is stuck in the task what
do you mean exactly? For example, do you mean that the vTaskDelay() is
not working at all so the task continues indefinitely (which would be
very unlikely), or that the delay causes the idle task to yield rather
than your second task? What are the for() loops doing?

akashmeras wrote on Monday, May 13, 2019:

Hai thank you for your response

As i mention above my code is struck. It is not due to vTaskDelay().when creating the two task on;y one task which i created first is running not the other task is running eveing if i removed the vTaskDelay(); and no ideal task is running. for loop is for infinite loop inisted of while(1) used for .

I found out the problem in my code and cleared it.It is due to the systick.Now it was working fine

thank you…