FreeRTOS+STemWin Bad operand types (UnDefOT, Constant) for operator (

pondito wrote on Tuesday, August 15, 2017:

I’m making project generated with STM32CubeMX for stm32f469i-disco. I have based setup on “FreeRTOSconfig.h” from “Demonstration” project in STM32CubeFWF4V1.16.0 repo. Fresh project from CubeMX compiles without problems.
But after adding STemWin lib “STemWin532_CM4_OS_Keil_ot.lib” i get error “…\Middlewares\ThirdParty\FreeRTOS\Source\portable\RVDS\ARMCM4F\port.c(507):
error: A1586E: Bad operand types (UnDefOT, Constant) for operator (

Interesting fact is that “Demonstration” compiles without this error.

How do I get the project configured:
In CubeMX:

  1. Add periphs needed: DMA2D, DSIHost, FMC etc.
  2. Clone “Clock Configuration” based on “Demonstations”
  3. In “Configuration” tab I clone all configuration based on code from “Demonstrations”
    Then in Keil:
  4. I update Include Path in target options.
    2.Add BSP drivers for touchscreen etc.
    Now, it copiles without problems.
  5. Add all STemWin files and when i try to compile:
    “…Bad operand types…”

When I disable freertos in CubeMX and add non-OS STemWin lib it compiles without problems.
When i try to compile non_OS STemWin lib with FreeRTOS enabled, it fails with the same message.

What have i tried to do?
Update port.c. Nothing changed.

Am I missing something while creating project?

rtel wrote on Wednesday, August 16, 2017:

I’m afraid you are asking about compiling software that is not provided by us using tools that are not provided by us, so there is little we can add. Is the STemWin library a binary compiled using different options? Or are the build options different? I don’t even know what the error means.