I an new to FreeRTOS.
I’m using stm32H7 and I have a piece of code that reads an external flash memory by using the QSPI. The code works fine and stably without FreeRTOS, but when I run it under FreeRTOS’s task, the reading is gone to be faulty (after ~3 kB of proper reading).
The question is, what can be the reason for faulty reading?
Thank you.

Timing or cache problem ? I guess the code just seems to work fine (when running stand-alone) but has some issues.
Well, without posting the code and some details about your FreeRTOS application no one can tell…

Can you explain in more detail how the reading is going faulty? Is the data being corrupted, is the application crashing etc.

FreeRTOS doesnt have anything to do with operating the SPI peripheral, so likely there must be some kind of application logic error that is causing it.

e.g. if you are reading data into a buffer that is stack based, are you running out of stack and overwriting something?