freeRTOS project compiler error "first defined here" at port.c with Atollic TrueStudio for STM32 Version 9.3.0


Hardware: STM32F100RT
FreeRTOS version: 8.1.2
TrueStudio version: 9.3.0

I had the project which was created with Atollic TrueStudio for STM32 Version 9.0.0 and freeRTOS V8.1.2 without any issue.

But when the project is updated to Atollic TreuStudio For STM32 V9.3.0, I tried to build the project with TrueStudio V9.3.0 and got a compiler Errors (“first deafined here”) at freeRTOS code (FreeRTOS\portablr\GCC|ARM_CM3\port.c). There is no any change with my project but Atollic TrueStudio (V9.3.0). If anyone know how to solve the issue please help.

Thank you advance,


Sounds like a tools issue, rather than a FreeRTOS issue - if you were to post the compiler errors I might be able to suggest what the issue is but otherwise recommend finding upgrade information on the tool vendor’s website.