FreeRTOS problems with RAM functions

tina17 wrote on Tuesday, June 05, 2018:


I’m working on a project with the following setup.
Controller: Infineon TLE9879QXA40
Compiler: Arm Compiler 5

My Project contains RAM-functions, which are needed because of performance reasons.
Running the project always leads to a stop in the HardFault_Handler. The history is __scatterload -> __scatterload_zeroinit -> HardFault_Handler.
The problem does not occur as soon as I remove the RAM_FUNCTIONS.

Can someone give me an advice why it isn’t working?
Thanks in advance

rtel wrote on Tuesday, June 05, 2018:

This is a very broad question which is not going to be easy to answer
without knowing a lot more about the memory layout, linker (scatter)
script, etc. However, if the ‘history’ is the call stack it looks like
your application crashed before main() was even called presuming
scatteroad_zeroinit is part of the start up code. Therefore the
question does not seem to be FreeRTOS related.