Freertos powerpc 405 virtex 2 pro port

monk777 wrote on Sunday, March 04, 2012:

i am trying to port freertos (tried with version 5 and version 7) on powerpc 405 on virtex 2 pro from xilinx with ml310 as a development board using EDK.
But i am unable to get the edk detect the freertos repository as there is no kernel aware repository present for powerpc (such a repository exist for microblaze) or the mld and tcl files are missing….
I then tried to develop a standalone app including all the related c files onto the peripheral repository , but i am getting a ton of errors,something like certain terms are not defined (i made sure to include “all” the related c files)…

Is there any one who has succeeded in porting freertos onto a virtex powerpc ?? please do help me out by specifying the procedure.

Thanks in advance

davedoors wrote on Sunday, March 04, 2012:

Can you use this project to start then retarget to the different board?