freeRTOS port to RH850


1.Do we have working port of freeRTOS to RH850 ?

2.Do we have any document that describes porting steps such as creating startup code, configuring tick timer interrupts, stack and so on… ?

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We dont have an officially supported for Renesas RH850, however you can find contributions to this port in forum post here:


Thank you for the pointers , can you share path to a downloadable version of this v10.4 that contains port for Renesas RH850 ? We could find it elsewhere

also, if we take latest n greatest version of the freertos , is this port of renesas rh850 still exist as a standard part of the supported micros?
Especially this is of relevance when we get success with v10.4 and want to migrate to latest freertos


Not sure if this is the same pointer Ravi provided one post above the last, just in a different thread: FreeRTOS Ported to RH850

There isn’t an RH850 in the “officially supported ports” as defined here - Officially supported and contributed FreeRTOS code - some definitions - but if there is a need and interest we could look at including one under one of the third party contributed categories - defined on the same page.


Thanks for the reply

For now we need proving freertos kernel on our Renesas RH850 target and do what it takes to get a stable port. We are also unsure as to whether we should build on a freertos version that had earlier ben proven on RH850 ( that is V10.4) or take a route with picking up latest kernel versions.