FreeRTOS port on ARM a76 - Samsung Exynos AutoV9

Hi ,

My name is Vineeth and I am new to the community here . I am trying to port FreeRTOS on to the Samsung Exynos Auto V9 featuring the A76 ARM Core.
I have gone through the basic documentation regarding porting on the FreeRTOS documentation.
My Idea is to take the existing FreeRTOS port on A53 for the xilinx MPSoC and make necessary changes . I plan to use the Samsung provided bootloader plus LK (little kernel) part to do the processor initializations and then jump to a ‘built’ FreeRTOS image .

If anyone has done this or something similar before , then It would be great if you can share any pointers.

I created the original A53 port so would be interested in how you get on - we should keep that conversation on the forum. Separately I would be interested in what you are up to to see if it can fit into our roadmap so I would be grateful if you could contact me using the business contact link on this page: