FreeRTOS port for Atmel AT91M42800A processor

Hi All,

Is there a port for FreeRTOS that will run on the Atmel AT91M42800A Arm7 processor?

I am planning to use Keil compiler(uVision IDE). After downloading FreeRTOS, i see some port files are available under FreeRTOSv10.3.1\FreeRTOS\Source\portable\RVDS folder. Most of the files are for ARMC-Mx processors except ARM7_LPC21xx.

I could not find port for Arm7 AT91M42800A device. Any suggestion which port should i use ?

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uVision has integrations with three different compilers. The legacy ARM compiler (for which there are ports in the RVDS folder you found), the latest ARM compiler (v5?) which is based on LLVM, and GCC. I’m not sure about ARM7 ports, as I’ve not tried for a long time, but most people have success building the GCC ports with LLVM. In which case this port would probably be a good starting point for you - but will no doubt need some adaptation.

Thanks Richard for your input.
What level of adaption are we talking about ? I saw demo examples alongwith port. I see it includes hardware specific files for instance #include “AT91R40008.h” and its related implementation. Do i need to modify all hardware related implementation in port.c file to adapt it to AT91M42800 device ?

Depends how close this is to your actual target. Unlike ARM Cortex-M devices, ARM7 devices do not have a clock that is part of the architecture, so in each case you have to choose and then configure a clock available on the part to generate the tick interrupt. Additionally, this is an old port, so there may be quirks with what the latest compilers require.