FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP Access to the ARP table

Hi All,
Is there any plan to give access to the ARP table so we could display it for diagnostic purposes?
It’s defined as

_static ARPCacheRow_t xARPCache[ ipconfigARP_CACHE_ENTRIES ];

and I’m assuming that was done so that user code cannot corrupt it and that is fine, but maybe get a function similar to void vTaskList( char * pcWriteBuffer ), or maybe a function that gets a string pointer and an index and formats one ARP cache entry at a time.

Currently, I have a custom function to go through the cache and print the valid entries, but I have to comment out the _static in front of ARPCacheRow_t and then cleanup after myself when pulling the latest version from git… It’s a bit annoying.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Words of wisdom? :grinning:
If that idea is well received, I could volunteer to add the appropriate print function into a quick and easy PR.

Good idea Emil :+1: I guess it’s cheap and can be useful for diagnostics.

Hello Emil, that is indeed a good idea. Thanks for sharing it.

I recently wanted to inspect the DNS cache table for debugging. I added a temporary function that prints the contents of the table.
But is looks cleaner to allow read-only access to the tables.

Do you want to make a proposal for coding it?

Thanks for your replies guys.
Yes, I can make a proposal I just don’t know when exactly because I’m stuck at v 2.4.0 just before the file reorganization. I’ll get to it sometime soon and send you a PR when I’m done.

Btw since I made that post I found the function called FreeRTOS_PrintARPCache(), but that relies on printf and I usually poll that kind of info on demand through a Telnet socket or something so the built in function is not very useful.
I’ll make a proposal that functions similar to vTaskList where the user supplies a buffer and they get either the entire cache or one line at a time.