FreeRTOS Plus CLI,A Fatal Error Ocured

huangqilong119 wrote on Tuesday, May 02, 2017:


I want to recommend you fix the freertos source code about CLI
When I used the ‘FreeRTOS Plus CLI’ source code, ‘UARTCommandConsole.c’ to compile. After Linking and download to STM32 platfrom. A fatal error ocured.
When I reset the STM32, the welcome information was shown normally via the serial port. However, when I send something to the STM32 via ‘XSHELL’, the STM32 has not any response. Then I pause the debug, I found my program point is always jump to ‘HardFault_Handler’. Many tries, I found that, at the first beginning, the program is run normally, and once sending something, it was halt!
Then I check the source code, I found that, at the function ‘static void prvUARTCommandConsoleTask( void pvParameters )’, there is a call ‘xSemaphoreTake( xTxMutex, cmdMAXMUTEX_WAIT )’, the error is there.

Because the mutex semaphore ‘xTxMutex’ is though defined, it was not created before taking and giving. So it’s the fatal error to cause the OS halt. If you want to fix it, just add a line 'xTxMutex = xSemaphoreCreateMutex();'. And Don’t forget change the definetion ‘#define configUSE_MUTEXES 1’ in ‘FreeRTOS.h’

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rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 02, 2017:

The mutex is created in vUARTCommandConsoleStart().