FreeRTOS OTA Supported Hardware?

I’m aware of the supported devices for FreeRTOS in their Kernel > Supported Devices tab, but I’m wondering if all of these also fully support OTA updates with AWS IoT OTA feature.

I’m asking because I have learned that certain FOTA solutions from other companies claim to support their entire RTOS, yet only works on a select few devices because each device needs an additional “flashing driver” that actually takes the received update and flashes it to the device’s custom memory. Do all FreeRTOS supported MCUs have this capability?


FreeRTOS kernel could run on a large selection of devices, including the cortex M devices, but its impractical to support OTA updates on all devices. To port OTA library to a new device you can follow the porting guide and implement the PAL functions specified for the flash operations. It also requires a complementing bootloader for loading new image and validation.

You can also refer to the reference implementations which support OTA fully: