FreeRTOS_OTA in AWS IOT core

When I update OTA, met error [iot_thread] Error: No OTA data buffers available. Why do the error happen, how do fix it?
And [ERROR] Firmware signature verification may have failed. Which happen, because error above. I think so. Is it true?

Are you using this example in C-SDK - aws-iot-device-sdk-embedded-C/demos/ota/ota_demo_core_mqtt/ota_demo_core_mqtt.c at main · aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-embedded-C · GitHub? If yes, you can try increasing the value of otaconfigMAX_NUM_OTA_DATA_BUFFERS.

I am doing a project and using FreeRTOS Plus library

Where did you get this FreeRTOS Plus library from? Which OTA library are you using?

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Hello, I checkded and knew error log from here (in image). Reason error that size code is large, isn’t it?

It seems either block offset or size is invalid or the maxImageSize is not large enough. Can you log the values of these variables so that we know what their values are?