FreeRTOS on Xen (ZCU102)

I am new at this… I want to run FreeRTOS on a Cortex-A53 of the target ZCU102 with Xen. I boot Xen’s Dom0 with an SD card. But now I don’t know where do I have to build FreeRTOS, in my computer so I can get a file and copy it in the SD or in the ZCU102?
Thank you very much.

While I am aware of several people using FreeRTOS in Xen, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it myself. I will do my best to help you build FreeRTOS though! When does Xen expect to load? An elf file? Binary? Something else? Also does it expect the image to be the same as an image that would be loaded directly, if Xen was not being used (so starting from the reset vector, running through C startup code, then entering the C program at main())?

Thank you very much for offering your help.

To load xen I use 5 files: BOOT.BIN (binary to boot), Image (kernel image), system.dtb (the device tree), xen.ub (a binary with xen) and rootfs.gpio.gz.u-boot (the rootfs). I introduce in the SD card and switch on the target. The image is almost the same as if I did not use xen. The only change is that it has enabled xen in the kernel configuration. But if I boot Petalinux without xen is the same Petalinux as if I boot it with xen.

Although I can’t see it mentioned on this page, the FreeRTOS Cortex-A53 port will change its behaviour if GUEST is defined. I’m not sure where the definition of GUEST comes from, it may be defined automatically with certain compiler settings, or it may need to be defined manually on the command line. So I think the best I can offer is suggesting you build the demo from the first link with GUEST defined as per the second link.

I will try to do that. Thank you!