FreeRTOS on STM32U5xx (M33) with EWARM - Non secure mode


perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but when I include ‘portasm.s’ in folder ‘portable\IAR\ARM_CM33\non_secure’, EWARM complains it doesn’t find SecureContext_Save-/LoadContext…
Do I have to include another file?


Ok. Just found out what the problem is:
Due to I don’t use any security, I have to use files in ARM_CM33_NTZ.
I assume, the files in the other folder is for running FreeRTOS in the non secure area with security enabled…

But thanks again,

@Gunter : Your assumption is correct. The ARM_CM33 port is for use with TrustZone enabled, while the ARM_CM33_NTZ port is meant for running with TrustZone disabled.