FreeRTOS on NUCLEO-144

I would like to install the demo, I found in FreeRTOSv202107.00\FreeRTOS\Demo\CORTEX_MPU_M7_NUCLEO_H743ZI2_GCC_IAR_Keil, in my Nucleo-144 H743ZI2 from STM32.

I don’t know exactly what are the instructions to do so. I didn’t find on FreeRtos website.

I have STM32CubeIDE and freshly installed Eclipse.

I have not used this demo before, but you can import the project directly into CubeIDE.

In CubeIDE, choose File → Open Projects from File System.

Then navigate to \Demo\CORTEX_MPU_M7_NUCLEO_H743ZI2_GCC_IAR_Keil\Projects\GCC\ and CubeIDE will offer to import it as an Eclipse project.

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It should be same as importing an existing project in an Eclipse based IDE:

  1. File → Import… → General → Existing Projects into Workspace.
  2. Click Browse next to the “Select Root Directory”.
  3. Navigate to the project folder.
  4. Select the project in the Projects pane and click finish.


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Hi. Sorry, I’m still missing further instructions.
The board is not detected in this project when I try to run or debug.
I can’t see the MX either. Am I missing something? I’m trying to find the right documentation.

What is the error that you get? Which OS are you running on? Is the board detected by your PC?

@aggarg asked:

What is the error that you get? Which OS are you running on? Is the board detected by your PC?

Beside these questions, I wonder if you managed to import the project into Eclipse. Could you do the four steps that Gaurav described earlier?

FreeRTOS did create documentation about how to use Eclipse, for instance: Import and Build a Demo Project in Eclipse.
You will find many images and it shows exactly how to import a project into an Eclipse workspace.

There are many ways to go, different tools. One option is AC6-tools: System Workbench for STM32, which is an Eclipse.

To solve hardware issues, you can install “STM32 ST-LINK Utility.exe” and see if the board is connected to your PC. Make sure that you put the USB cable into the right USB slot (ST-Link) of the board.

When using VMware, the ST-link might be taken over by the VMWare client. It will be invisible in the host. You will have to disconnect it from the client.

Good luck!