freeRtos on microblaze ISR can not work

Hi ,
Xilinx K7 Microblaze, PL generates interrupts, ISR callback function does not exit, and local variables in ISR callback function are all random values. Microblaze runs normally without Freertos.

looks like you did not initialize the interrupt stack correctly.

how to initialize the interrupt stack correctly? Do you have code examples for learning

The problem has been resolved. The reason is that while1 is called in the main function, which causes the vTaskStartScheduler not to be called.
However, after carefully reading the source code implementation of vTaskStartScheduler, I don’t know why this issue occurred
Do you have any experience to share with me? thank you

You are expected to call vTaskStartScheduler to start the scheduler.

well, as @aggarg pointed out, starting the scheduler is about the most basic operation needed for the OS to work. In FreeRTOS, this also does all the housekeeping needed for interrupts to execute properly.

My advice would be to start just like about everybody here did: Take a sample Hello World application tailored for your hardware, then piece by piece add the code needed for your project. And before you ask a question publicly, ensure you have consulted with all the resources available (eg forum search). Finally, the book ( Free RTOS Book and Reference Manual ) is a great resource to get started.