FreeRTOS on Marsboard i.MX6 dual - very beginner

ramagowthamtv wrote on Tuesday, January 19, 2016:


I am working on a project which involves FreeRTOS and Mars board i.MX6 Dual( with ARM cortex A9). Since i am a very beginner in FreeRTOS i am not sure how it works with ARM Cortex A series processors. I wanted to buy a book in FreeRTOS website and found the books for PIC, Cortex M series and LPC17xx. I did find some information on working with ARM A processors, but expecting a book or tutorial from ground level. Need more suggestions.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


rtel wrote on Tuesday, January 19, 2016:

The books are really ‘how to design and use’ rather than how to port, but if you are a beginner will be helpful. The new “mastering” book is currently being given away free with other purchases as it is not fully edited yet. That comes with more than 20 (I think) examples that run using the free version of Visual Studio (so the compiler is free and you don’t need any special hardware) and take you through the very basics up to some more complex design examples.

When it comes to creating a project - it sounds like you have already found the “using on a Cortex-A” page, so I won’t link to that, but the following links might be helpful:

If the i.MX6 has an ARM GIC (Generic Interrupt Controller) then there should really be no porting as such that needs to be done - its just a matter of creating a project and the Zynq (also a dual core Cortex-A with GIC) can be used as a reference.

Hope that helps.


ramagowthamtv wrote on Tuesday, January 19, 2016:

Thank you. That was Helpful.