FreeRTOS on Ambiq Apollo3 or 4 with GUI Userspace Apps

Hi, I am researching the components needed to build a proof-of-concept solar powered linux laptop. I am researching lightweight desktop environments that use microkernels. Some RTOS’s like Contiki have some desktop apps though I’d like to use FreeRTOS since it seems more established. I’d like to add a GUI using LVGL. I am considering using the ARM M4F on the Apollo3/4 board because of its power efficiency, and has been shown to run on solar power: By adding a more developed desktop environment like QNX and lowest power external storage w/ xboot, a relatively small battery could be used to provide backup power but rely primarily on energy harvesting.

Is it the GUI you are looking for specifically? FreeRTOS is used with several different ones, but doesn’t provide a GUI itself.

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Sorry, I worded that wrong. I meant is FreeRTOS able to add many of the features of a linux operating system like Tiny Core Linux, as loadable kernel modules (LKMs)? This would include a display server, which then could use any window managers like and FLTK.

I’m essentially describing a hybrid kernel, one that runs with less than 2MB of RAM, but only uses a certain number of device drivers at a time. I’ve found this company that does work on uClinux, Emcraft: and it kind of describes what I am looking for, but I am unsure if there are other OS’s that would be a more flexible kernel to start with.

Performance\Speed is a secondary priority, hence rebooting to load different drivers, if they cannot fit in 1.8MB RAM, would be completely considered.

It would be interesting if Window, Icon Menu, Pointers could be added to a RTOS: WIMP (computing) - Wikipedia I found Contiki - Wikipedia

Yes you could do that with FreeRTOS, but it would be rate and not off-the-shelf as it is not FreeRTOS’s intended use case.

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