freertos lock problem from xTaskResumeAll

Greetings ,
I have implemented an application with freertos (nordic sdk 15.3 - freertos 10.0.0 )
which goes into low power and wakes up on two irqs (rtc and button).
When the button irq arrive turns on the system, performs operations
and then return to a low power state.
When entering low power the task are suspended , restored
on wake up.
The anomaly occurs when the system remains in the low
power state , when I wake up i find that the task
remains frozen / paused (in vTaskDelay / xEventGroupWaitBits ) for a time
proportional to the time it remained in low consumption .
I have found that if i set a define to 1 ( configUSE_DISABLE_TICK_AUTO_CORRECTION_DEBUG 1 )
the problem does not arise .
Anyone have any ideas on what to investigate (or a hint) to solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance for your kind collaboration
Best regards

Are you using tickless idle mode? Or doing the low power entry and exit yourself? My understanding is there are some issues in the Nordic tickless idle mode, and that would seem to be the case if there is a constant called configUSE_DISABLE_TICK_AUTO_CORRECTION_DEBUG because that is not a part of the standard FreeRTOS code.