FREERTOS_INSTALL_DIR configuration for Code Composer Studio

Hello everybody,

I need to configure a freeRTOS example to run on a MSP432P401R launchpad board; the freeRTOS minimal example is provided out-of-the-box, but it requires the user to download and configure freeRTOS.

I get the following error when compiling:
Required variable 'FREERTOS_INSTALL_DIR' cannot be resolved or is pointing to a non-existent location. See 'Preferences > CCS > Build > Variables' page to define this variable before building this project.

Documentation around the web tends to be slightly outdated/cumbersome on this point. Can anybody help, please?

Well I’ve never used that demo before, but just from the output you posted I guess you need to download FreeRTOS, then in the IDE go to Preferences>CSS>Build>Variables and create a variable called FREERTOS_INSTALL_DIR that is set to wherever you downloaded FreeRTOS too.