FreeRTOS for VC709 Xilinx Microblaze

sarayuks wrote on Thursday, August 27, 2015:

Hi ,

I was trying to port the FreeRTOS for my xilinx Microblaze VC709 board . I used the sample demo application you had provided in the site for the KC705.

I see that you have code which handles the timer interrupt and the Uart interrupt handler . I would like to know if i can configure the RTOS code to disable or not use the UART interrupt specifically ?

I am basically trying to reduce the size of my RTOS elf by reducing the functionalities to the basic minimum subset i would need . Are there any flags that i can use to disable certain particular functionalities like the above ?

Any lead in this would be of great help .

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards

rtel wrote on Friday, August 28, 2015:

FreeRTOS has no dependency on the UART interrupt - it may be used as part of the demo code, perhaps (in the comprehensive rather than simple blinky demo) to create a command console, but FreeRTOS itself does not use it. All FreeRTOS needs is a timer interrupt, and the interrupt used can be decided by the application writer.