I am trying to implement FreeRTOS on microsemi’s creative board with igloo2 Soc. I am having a hard time figuring out the procedure to implement and flash the RTOS on the board as i am relatively new to the FreeRTOS. Is there any documentation for the same.

FreeRTOS is just C code that you build into your project, to create a single executable, that you then flash onto the board in the same way you would any other application - so if you can flash a non FreeRTOS application then the process is exactly the same after you add FreeRTOS.

What is it you are trying to do first - build the FreeRTOS RISC-V port or port the code to a specific variant of the RISC-V core on that device? I think Microsemi have FreeRTOS projects for it themselves, but the following links will help and give you a reference at lease:

(there are other RISC-V demos too)

Hey, Richard thanks for the info.
I got how to build a C code using Softconsole for RISC-V and I also know how to flash the Board using Libero Tool. But till now i have been using only verilog codes. Right now i am just trying to implement demo codes. I dont understand how to import the C code into libero, so that I can flash it on the board.
I will go through the documents that you provided and see if i can figure it out.

Sounds like the Libero manual would be a good place to start :grinning: - although if I recall Libero is not the software development tool, although maybe once the software is built you have to combine it with the FPGA image and use Libero? Maybe.