FreeRTOS for i.MX9 Cortex-M33 core

I’d like to set up Free RTOS in the M33 core of an i.MX 93, to use this core as the “real time” part (and the other A55 cores use Linux). Is this possible, advisable and is there already some preparations around?

Hi - FreeRTOS will run on any ARMv6-M, ARMv7-M, or ARMv8-M (the M33 is a v8-M) devices that has enough RAM - which this device definitely does without any porting necessary. That is because the interrupts and clock used by FreeRTOS are standardised on each core family, removing any dependencies outside of the core itself. You will however need to create a project for that chip. NXP’s MCUXpresso tool will create FreeRTOS projects for you for many devices, possibly including that one. Otherwise you can use a Cortex-M33 example in the FreeRTOS download as a reference. This link will also help.

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Just to add, this page provides details about using FreeRTOS on a ARMv8-M device - Using FreeRTOS on ARMv8-M Microcontrollers - FreeRTOS. As Richard mentioned, create a bare metal project for that device and then add FreeRTOS. Let us know if you face any problem.