FreeRTOS+FAT Status

westmorelandeng wrote on Monday, March 21, 2016:

Hello Richard,

I have looked at the release done on Jan. 12th and am wondering what the status is on the release of the +FAT FS?

I am currently using the Elm-Chan code but I would like to give this a try and hope to find out the status of the project.

I am not complaining about the Elm-Chan code; just curious to see where the +FAT is.

Note I have all of the drivers; etc. ready to go obviously but would have to ‘port’ it to the 1/12 release.

John W.

rtel wrote on Monday, March 21, 2016:

The two systems are a little different in design in that +FAT is designed for multi-threading systems and protects data structures [with mutexes] at a lower level, just where it needs to, whereas FatFS makes itself thread safe by using mutexes arround entire API functions.

As for status; whereas +TCP is just about ready to be in the main FreeRTOS repository (although it is not undergoing some new feature development), the +FAT code still requires some ‘FreeRTOS-ification’ in that the code does not follow the FreeRTOS style in all places yet.

We would be interested in your experiences with +FAT - you will find some porting information on the following link: