FreeRTOS Fat FS- Question about media write and read functions

My question is pertaining to the FAT FS library FreeRTOS supports. I’m writing a media driver and a question has come up on the meaning of ‘sector’ in the following freeRTOS resource page:

Sector is a very vague term according to the internet. What I need to know basically is whether a sector refers to a block of memory or a page of memory. Usually media devices like SD cards or NAND flashes divide memory into pages and then collections of pages are referred to as blocks.

Please help clarify this burning question. :slight_smile:

For the FAT file system, a sector is the unit of data that the program can read or write at a time. It doesn’t HAVE to correspond to the capability of the media, as the driver can create a “virtual sector” on the media to operate with, but things are most efficient if it does match the capability of the media.