FreeRTOS + FAT FF_CountFreeClusters() Function Implementation

kydong2019 wrote on Wednesday, May 08, 2019:

Hello Hein Tibosch

Recently, I am studying the FreeRTOS + FAT source code using

I have some questions about the implementation of uint32_t FF_CountFreeClusters( FF_IOManager_t *pxIOManager, FF_Error_t *pxError ) need your advice.

Question 1:

I Think
for( ulIndex = 0; ulIndex < pxIOManager->xPartition.ulSectorsPerFAT; ulIndex++ ) should be changed to
for( ulIndex = 0; ulIndex < pxIOManager->xPartition.ulSectorsPerFAT * pxIOManager->xPartition.ucBlkFactor; ulIndex++ )
for the case that pxIOManager->xPartition.usBlkSize > pxIOManager->usSectorSize

Question 2:

pxIOManager->xPartition.ulNumClusters don’t include the first reserved 2 fat entries, so I think
if( ClusterNum > pxIOManager->xPartition.ulNumClusters )
should be changed to
if( ClusterNum > pxIOManager->xPartition.ulNumClusters + 2)
because the code also check the first reserved 2 fat entries in the FAT Area. and count these 2 fat entries into ClusterNum.

Question 3:

/* ulFreeClusters is -2 because the first 2 fat entries in the table are reserved. */
if( ulFreeClusters > pxIOManager->xPartition.ulNumClusters )
   ulFreeClusters = pxIOManager->xPartition.ulNumClusters;

The values of the first 2 fat entries aren’t zero, So I don’t think this if condition could be TRUE in some cases.