FreeRTOS doing no more 2 task


Can anybody say what I need to define to use more than 2 tasks?
With 2 tasks or 1 all is work fine but when I increase further? - no task is execiting
I tried to change priority but I doesnt help!

Please help!

FreeRTOS works just fine with many tasks. Some things to check:

Make sure you have enough heap to create the tasks if you are not using the ‘static’ creation functions. Defining the malloc failed hook can help a lot here.

Make sure your tasks block when they don’t have work to do. This is a very different way to program than the ‘single task’ mode of thinking.

What did you do to find the problem so far ?
Did you define configASSERT , enabled stack overflow checking and maybe also configUSE_MALLOC_FAILED_HOOK (see Hook Functions doc ) for development/debugging ?
Maybe you just run out of heap space creating more tasks.
Do you check the return values/error codes of the resource allocation functions like xTaskCreate ?