FreeRTOS Demo Webserver- Can't compile !!

tarigan16 wrote on Thursday, August 11, 2011:

Hello Everybody!

After 2 desperated days i decide to start a new Topic here. Actually i found many similar topic in here, but these don’t bring me any further :frowning:

I try to make a little Webserver with demo programm version V7.0.1 von FreeRtos. I use Eclipse with GNU Compiler. The Board i use is from Olimex with LPC2378 Controller. In Addition, the demo program  is for LPC2368. But i think it’s no problem to use this demo program for LPC2378.

I followed the instruction on the FreeRtos site but i can’t compile the program.

One problem that i have: In the section

_ An important project configuration setting! _ i can’t see FreeRTOS_ROOT

And when i ignore this thing and just compie i’ve always got:   make: ***  Error 1

this error doesn’t tell me more, where the real problem ist.

I tried everything what it takes, but i can’t move on :frowning:

Thank You very much for any helps!!!!!

davedoors wrote on Thursday, August 11, 2011:

Eclipse has changed a lot since those instructions were written.

I suggest starting with an existing makefile project (see FreeRTOS\Demo\ARM7_LPC2106_GCC which has some batch files that are used for building) that just needs GCC installed and in your path, or using an Eclipse IDE such as, or

If you choose the makefile route, then once you have it compiling with the makefile, you can create an Eclipse project that uses standard make, not managed make, and you don’t need to set up the paths in the Eclipse project.