FreeRTOS Demo failed on STM32L475-IOT board

PeakIoT wrote on October 07, 2019:

After following the instructions in the “First Steps” and “Getting Started” tutorials, I updated the provisioning information for my Device in the aws_clientcredentials.h and aws_clientcredentials_keys.h. After compiling and flashing the application, the command line had the following response:

0 530 [Tmr Svc] WiFi module initialized.
1 560 [Tmr Svc] Write certificate…
2 576 [Tmr Svc] ERROR: Failed to provision device certificate. 49
3 582 [Tmr Svc] Device credential provisioning failed.
4 3675 [Tmr Svc] WiFi connected to AP xxxxxxxxxx.
5 3680 [Tmr Svc] IP Address acquired 192.168..
6 3685 [Tmr Svc] WiFi firmware version is: C3.5.2.3.BETA9
7 3690 [Tmr Svc] [WARN] WiFi firmware needs to be updated.
8 3696 [iot_thread] [INFO ][INIT][3696] SDK successfully initialized.
9 8801 [iot_thread] [INFO ][DEMO][8800] Successfully initialized the demo. Network type for the demo: 1
10 8810 [iot_thread] Attempting automated selection of Greengrass device
11 8923 [iot_thread] About to close socket.
12 8937 [iot_thread] Socket closed.
13 8941 [iot_thread] JSON request could not connect to end point
14 8947 [iot_thread] Auto-connect: Failed to retrieve Greengrass address and certificate.
15 8955 [iot_thread] ----Demo finished----

Can anyone tell me how I can resolve the issue from line #2 “ERROR: Failed to provision device certificate. 49”? I used the certificate created by the Thing registration process

Thanks for your help,