FreeRTOS Cellular Library demo for ST Quectel module

It is great to see that AWS added the cellular library to the AFR.
I’m trying to run the ST + Quectel demo but I’m not sure about how to connect the HW.
In the announcement its say “using the following kits: STM32L4+ Discovery board and STMODLTE”.
I have the STMODLTE and the L4 board but the connector on the L4 is PMOD connector and not STMoD+ as the cellular module have.
I have another ST board - L496G that have the STMod+ on it, is this maybe the board that the demo is working with?
Is there any getting started guide specific for this HW?

The description and Getting Started Guide for the STMicroelectronics kit can be found here on AWS Partner Device Catalog:

The pictures show the components of the kit. Next to the “Shop Now” button please find the hyperlink to the Getting Started Guide. Instructions for how to connect the components, including links to STMicroelectronics’ product pages, can be found in the Getting Started Guide.