FreeRTOS blinky demo isn't printing to QEMU console


I am using FreedomStudio v4.7.2.2020-06-3 and QEMU v5.1.0 on OSX Catalina v10.15.7.

I am following the tutorial for RTOS Demo for RISC-V QEMU sifive_e Model ( except the demo project specified in this tutorial is not included in the download zip. I am attempting to use RISC-V-Qemu-sifive_e-Eclipse-GCC demo project instead in the hopes that it will work since FreedomStudio is based off of Eclipse. I can see where the build/debug configuration would be off and I did my best to fix it.

When debugging the demo project, nothing is printed to the QEMU console window.

mainCREATE_SIMPLE_BLINKY_DEMO_ONLY is set to 1, so i am expecting ‘blink’ to be printed periodically to the QEMU console window.

I am quite inexperienced with the FreedomStudio IDE, QEMU, and FreeRTOS. I am trying to learn about rtos and risc-v. Any help or guidance is appreciated. I tried the blinky demo in the Freedom e SDK with no luck either. Some other error (which I am inquiring about in the sifive forums) is preventing me from moving forward with that version of the blinky demo.

Thank you!

We removed the demo from the download because of issues with certain versions of QEMU - as I recall correctly the machine timer didn’t appear to be modelled correctly somehow and that caused the tests to fail (although the code still ran). We replaced the demo with one running on the actual SiFive hardware (HiFive rev2 hardware) - where it runs without a problem.

I see, thank you for your response!