FreeRTOS ARM926EJ-S Port available?

Hello, I have a question: Has the ARM926EJ-S been ported ? If I want to operate this MCU with FreeRTOS which port should I choose ?
Same question for ARM Cortex-A7 MCU
Thank you

You can search for ARM9 and Cortex-A on this page: Microcontrollers and compiler tool chains supported by FreeRTOS - the Cortex-A9 port should work for the A7.

Thank you.
If I had a SoC based on let’s say a Cortex-A9 which is officially supported. Can I use FreeRTOS directly on the SoC or generally speaking, might be necessary to adapt the port to the SoC?

This page provides the information about running FreeRTOS on Cortex-A - RTOS for ARM Cortex-A

Thank you for the information

Thank you for the information