FreeRTOS and TCP/IP over USB

redslime wrote on February 04, 2020:

Hi, all, first time here.
We are starting a new project that requires an RTOS and TCP/IP over USB. More specifically we need/want to support MQTT:[], which is supported.

It looks like this project IwIP:[] might be what I'm looking for. However, it looks like I need to pay for the CrossWork IDE to get access.

Anyone here have experience with the IwIP project or more generally TCP/IP over USB on FreeRTOS that is willing to point at the moon?


DanN-AWS wrote on February 06, 2020:

This forum focuses on AWS IoT connectivity with FreeRTOS, and up to now we don't support TCP / IP over USB. That should be possible to achieve based on FreeRTOS with one of several approaches, but I don't know of an out of the box example that will get you going quickly. Segger, a FreeRTOS partner, does have components that should be helpful, and all of their components can run with FreeRTOS in addition to their embOS (see You might want to try the FreeRTOS forums ( although I expect you already did a search there, as the example you gave comes up when forming a query with the keywords in question. Asking again on that forum might well get new exposure and provide some useful suggestions. Best of luck.