FreeRTOS and Low power Sample on STM32F4


I search a sample of FreeRTOS with Low power mode on STM32F4.
I use a STM32F401 and I wan go on sleep mode but just after wakeup, I have a reset.


How are you going into low power mode. The simplest way is just to set configUSE_TICKLESS_IDLE to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h, but that uses the SysTick clock, which in turn limits the sleep mode you can enter because you have to keep the SysTick clock running.

Is that what you are going? Or have you implemented something specific to the device so you can enter a deeper sleep with the SysTick timer stopped?

Yes, I’m going in Sleep mode with RTC wakeup after 20 sec, it’s just after, the unit reset.
If you have only a sample (keil), to test the solution, and integrate it after on my software.


I’m taking this to mean you are not using a FreeRTOS low power mode, and maybe the issue is not FreeRTOS related low power mode is entered after reset rather than from a FreeRTOS task. Is that correct?