FreeRTOS and dual core

Does FreeRTOS support dual core?
I mean is it possible to switch tasks between two cores or assign tasks to one or another core?
Sorry I was not able to find anything within the FreeRTOS manual, but at the same time I was told that FreeRTOS does support dual core communication :confused:

FreeRTOS, in its official release, is a single core system. It can be used in an ‘asymmetric’ manner on a multicore system, where a separate copy runs on each core, and using user-level interactions to send messages between cores.

There are some ‘unofficial’ ports to handle multi-core systems in a symmetric manner, where there is one copy of FreeRTOS and tasks on the two cores can interact fairly freely (and I think tasks can move from core to core). These ports do need somewhat significant changes to how some things operate internally in FreeRTOS, as multicore system have a bunch of additional issues they need to deal with.

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You might find this interesting:

Yes, that article points out that Message Buffers can be used between two instances of FreeRTOS running in a Asymmetrical MultiProcessor configuration.

thank you, ill look into it