freertos and at91sam9263

mafalda14 wrote on Tuesday, November 20, 2007:


i`m newer with this technologi and i  have an at91sam9263 development kit, i want to insert freertos but its`n specificaly for this micro, so what can i do?? i am trying to do it a new port taking ARM_AT91SAM7S like example, am i doing well?? and what changes have i do??

thank you

rtel wrote on Tuesday, November 20, 2007:

Which compiler are you using?  I have some files I could send if you drop me an email to r (dot) barry (at)

Having said that, you should get a long way with the SAM7 demo.  There are very little, if any, differences.


mafalda14 wrote on Wednesday, November 21, 2007:

thank you richard,

Im will work in that demo.