Free RTOS porting on Lattice Mico32 Soft-core

Hi All,
I have started porting Free RTOS on Lattice Mico32 soft-core platform and while jumping on first task from restore context in assembly while accessing pxCurrentTCB I am getting segmentation fault.
is there anything I am missing before accessing OS variables?
also what minimal port functionality we need to implement to run multiple task on new platform?

I am not familiar with this architecture and therefore, can only offer generic advice. Are you getting the fault when reading pxCurrentTCB or when de-referencing it? That can help to differentiate if pxCurrentTCB is located in an unreadable segment or it does not have the correct value.

That depends on the port but in general, you need to have context save and restore and critical section management.

Also, when you are done, feel free to contribute your code here - GitHub - FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel-Community-Supported-Ports.