Dear Team.

I am new to this forum.

I am having some trouble to finish my FreeRTOS+TCP project.
My development environment

  1. MCU: RM48L952ZWT hercules Micro-controller
  2. IDE: Code composer studio
  3. Code generation tool HALCOGEN

Questions that I want to solve:
I have successfully ran freertos on my hercules micro-controller RM48L952ZWT.
and Also, I successfully implemented LWIP stack on the micro-controller.

The code is generated is first generated for both the tasks separately and now when I tried to generate a code for Freertos plus LWIP together . I was successful in getting my build through.

But, during testing of the device I am not able to run both together. Only one can run at a time. I am not sure how to run both the things at once.

Please let me know what amendments I need to make.

With this much information it would be near impossible to say, especially as lwIP is not our product. We do however have a reference lwIP integration in the FreeRTOS Interactive site, albeit with a very old version of lwIP.