Firmware Reporting in OTA updates

I’ve been using the aws aws/ota-for-aws-iot-embedded-sdk

I noticed that when the firmware version is set as x.y.z ( Major.Minor.Build)
Every time when build is zero. For example : 2.1.0 , 3.1.0 the ota agent reports it as 2.1 and misses out the build when it updates the OTA as successfull.

I believe there is bug on the function stringBuilderUInt32Decimal in file ota_mqtt.c where it does not return the character if the given value is 0.
Could you please confirm if this is a bug? Thank you.

Are you talking about the same issue that was addressed in this PR - Fix stringBuilderUInt32Decimal to handle 0 value by kstribrnAmzn · Pull Request #475 · aws/ota-for-aws-iot-embedded-sdk · GitHub

Hi @aggarg , Thank you for swift response. Appreciate it.

Yes, It is the same issue. I can update my aws repo to the lates. Thank you.

Hi @aggarg Is this PR in the LTS already?

No - it does not seem so.