FedC/WizC port updated

hermarcel wrote on Friday, June 10, 2005:

Dear group,

The first update to the FreeRTOS port for the fedC and wizC compilers is available for download on the FreeRTOS website ( http://www.freertos.org ). Because the update is not included yet in the main FreeRTOS download, a temporary link to the new zipfile is included on the port-specific webpage ( http://www.freertos.org/portwizc.html ).

Changes in this update:

- Interrupts were enabled before the scheduler started, fixed
- ISRcode is pulled inline into Interrupt() to improve performance
- When a single interrupt handles several interruptsources, only a single call to vTaskSwitchContext() is now made
- The allowed tickrates for the systemtick are increased (the tick can now be as low as 20Hz on a 40MHz MPU)
- Several files were changed from a .h extension to .c extension to allow stepping through code using F7
- The installation instructions are changed (improved, I hope)

Many thanks to Neil Breeden for being such a patient guinea pig :slight_smile: