Fault tolerent features in FreeRTOS layer

Does FreeRTOS layer supports any fault tolerent feature?
How we can make FreeRTOS layer more robust in case of any error or exceptions occurred in the OS layer.

If you want fault tolerance then you need to use the FreeRTOS port that has memory protection unit (MPU) support. The memory protection unit enables you to detect a potential memory corruption before it occurs, enabling you to recover gracefully. Without the memory protection unit you may not find out a about a memory corruption until after it occurs (stack overflow detection, one of the linked list boundary tags getting overwritten, etc.) - in which case all you really know is something went wrong. Without knowing what went wrong you cannot reasonably expect to recover as the data used to perform the recovery can no longer be trusted.

Thank you Richard for your reply.
Where do I get information about the FreeRTOS port available with MPU support.