Facing issues in porting integration test framework of amazon freertos for IOT applications


I am trying to use integration test framework[amazon-freertos/tests/integration_test at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub] provided by amazon freertos github. But i getting undefined synmbol error, for static functions of freeRTOS libraries. How can i solve this.

Posting what you’ve done so far and the actual errors could be a good starter :wink:

this is structure of integration test i imported from here

I am getting below error from test_freertos_tcp.c

Undefined symbol prvTCPCreateWindow, and this API is static API in FreeRTOS_TCP_IP.c file of freertos_plus_tcp library. how can i solve this

@sruthiA : The amazon-freertos repository is deprecated and not recommended for use in new products.

You can see the Deprecation Notice here. We recommend using the FreeRTOS-Libraries-Integration-Tests instead for qualification purposes.

That said, Which version of FreeRTOS+TCP are you using? Can you check that ipconfigUSE_TCP and ipconfigUSE_TCP_WIN is enabled in your FreeRTOSIPConfig.h?

thanks for the reply.
I have already enabled ipconfigUSE_TCP & ipconfigUSE_TCP_WIN in FreeRTOSIPConfig.h.

@sruthiA Can you share the project which you are working from? Perhaps FreeRTOS_TCP_IP.c is not being built by your build system or IDE?

Have you defined FREERTOS_ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS for your project? If not, define it at the project level. If you are using an eclipse based IDE, it will look something like this - amazon-freertos/.cproject at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub


thanks for the reply.
I am not aware of this.
Can i use the same for integration tests as well.

Yes. You can see that it adds some code in the FreeRTOS_TCP_IP.c file to make the static function accessible.

thankyou. its working for me.