Facing issue with lcd.h file

When I try to run my code it says the lcd.h file has some errors what do I do?
I am trying to do the multitasking code for lpc2148

Well, at least you should post the errors, right :wink:
Otherwise no one knows what’s going wrong and can give some help.

there are about 30 errors none in my program its in the lcd.h header file if you want to see the errors I can share it

Sorry - what do you expect ? No one can magically give some hints if no one (except you) KNOWS the problem …
(I guess those 30+ errors have a single root cause and are pretty similar.)

Hi I tried sharing the error but it didn’t allow me to if you can share your mail id then I can send it you along with the lcd.h file it says new users can’t share links

Can you just copy and paste them as text ? (Preferably quoted as code block)

tried that didn’t work
Sorry, new users can’t put links in posts. this is displayed when I try to share

Most likely another header file needs to be included before including lcd.h.
Maybe you find out yourself which declarations are missing and in which header file they are declared. It’s a C-language/compiler issue and not directly related to FreeRTOS.

I checked what you have mentioned in the lcd.h no header files are there it is a header file in itself

In the source file before you include lcd.h probably other header file(s) need to be included. It’s not unusual that header files rely on other header files included before. That’s basic C-programming.

If you could send a mail to my email id which I have mentioned above I can share the files with you I am unable to explain the issue properly and you can understand my problem once you see it. Since I am unable to share the link I had to leave out the dot in mail id between gmail and com if you can reach out to me and help me out I would be very grateful

Is this a FreeRTOS question? It doesn’t sound like it is, but nobody knows because you have not pasted the errors into the post. There is nothing stopping you doing this. For example, this is the output of a build I just did, although there are no errors:

--- Building mbedTLS archive source files (mbedTLS-archive.mk) ---

make -f mbedTLS-archive.mk
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/T/FreeRTOS/coreMQTT-Agent-Demos/build/Cortex-M3_MPS2_QEMU_GCC'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for 'all'.
make[1]: Leaving directory '/homeT/FreeRTOS/coreMQTT-Agent-Demos/build/Cortex-M3_MPS2_QEMU_GCC'

If this is not a FreeRTOS question then I politely request you ask whomever you got the code from. - thanks.