Extending support for STM32U5


We’re evaluating different options for one of our upcoming product and stm32u5 seems to be a viable choice.

After ST’s partnership with Microsoft, there seems to be a shift from AWS as the examples for stm32u5 given in StmCubeIde are now based on AzureRtos integrated with Azure cloud.

Does freeRTOS plan on extending its support to include the stm32u5 (like STM32L4 with AWS Services of Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates, Wi-Fi Integration, FreeRTOS Build Integration & FreeRTOS Console) and if so, how long could it take?

Looking forward to your response,


AWS did a joint presentation with ST about an integration for this board at ST’s developer conference. I’m not sure if the video is available anywhere, but you will see the talk on the agenda (links to pdf file) if you search for AWS.

There is also a reference integration that is described here IoT Reference Integration with the STM32U5 - FreeRTOS the code in github is linked from that page.