ESP8266 arduino code to FreeRTOS

I have a very general question, so please excuse me if this is not the appropriate place to ask this. I have a rather complex project for a LEGO robotic arm controlled by several motors. The motors are driven by Adafruit motor shields and I also use gyroscopes, and current sensors to measure power consumptions. I’m using Adafruit libraries for the motor shields and the current sensors. My code is written in the typical arduino-style cpp and I’m using PlatformIO.

I was thinking to convert my code to FreeRTOS for better time handling. I had no experience with FreeRTOS so when I realized it’s a completely different framework I thought that that would be impossible. So my question is: what are the minimum requirements to convert my code to FreeRTOS and what would be a good introduction for that? I’ve already compiled and run a few examples so the PlatformIO is setup I think, at least I can run the Blink-Hello World-WiFi connect examples to start with.