ESP32 Web Server Support

poconnor wrote on November 27, 2019:

Hello AWS team

I am working on ESP32 board with amazon freeRTOS. I have an requirement to use web server (HTTP server) to sending message on local web server and vice versa. I know Amazon freeRTOS still doesn’t have added support for HTTP server.

My questions following are:

  1. Can I port or integrate the ESP-WHO or ESP-IDF HTTP_server code (available in components folder) into amazon freeRTOS platform?
  2. If yes then can you please provide some guidance how to do that and what other dependencies comes out?
  3. Amazon freeRTOS planning to add HTTP server support in near future?

Any quick help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Yuki-AWS wrote on November 27, 2019:

Hi poconnor,

Amazon FreeRTOS does not have an example for HTTP server out-of-box as you’ve noticed, due to security concerns. It is a frequently requested feature from our customers, and we are working on possibly support it officially.

Though, FreeRTOS does have an example about HTTP web server in lab —,
so that adding this capability is quite possible for customers to accomplish.

The ESP example you’ve cited has dependencies on ESP-IDF. We have not tried to integrate this into our code base. You may be able to get help directly from Espressif though.