ESP32 - Stepper motor using freeRTOS task

I have to drive a stepper motor with my esp32, with a frequency that requires a delay below milliseconds (for example 100 microseconds). The esp32 has WiFi and ESP-NOW active at the same time, receiving some data from another esp32. My idea was to create a freeRTOS task for the stepper motor on core 0, so that core 1 can run WiFi ESP-NOW, but I have a hard time managing microseconds delay by doing so. I know that the vTaskDelay() cannot go higher than 1kHz.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

This isn’t true unless this is an MCU limit. Check with this very concise explanation:

Thank you for the suggestion! :grinning:

Another option, which is likely better, is rather than trying to use the tick to time the steps, us another timer in the system for this timing, and either signal a task, or just do the step in the ISR. This allows changing the rate with a fine scale to accelerate.