ESP32 interrupt to avoid loop

Im using an esp32 and a sx1278 chip (lora). The sx1278 gives an interrupt when it receives a packet and i want to use this to trigger an interrupt routine on the esp32 to take care of the packet without the need of a loop function. Will an interrupt like this cause problems?

It is not clear what you are asking. Are you asking if you can perform all the necessary processing inside the interrupt? If so, then it really depends on the processing that is needed and what else your system is doing - so it is not really a question that can be answered without a lot more information. Generally you want to keep interrupt service routines as short as possible. If the processing the ISR needs to do is very short then doing it in the ISR may be the best thing. Otherwise it is normal to defer the processing to a task - that task can have high priority to ensure the interrupt service routine returns directly to the task to which the processing was deferred - so it makes little different in the time between the interrupt occurring and it being processed (there is more in the book on deferring interrupts to tasks). You can use a direct to task notification to unblock a task from an interrupt. This is one of the examples in the online docs: